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Slovenská republika

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  • Certification of constancy of performance and certification of factory production control of the construction products within the scope of the certificate of authorization, notification and accreditation,
  • Product certification in the unregulated field (non-accredited activity)
  • Audits of permanent quality assurance within the product certification in the unregulated field (non-accredited activity)


  • Certification of quality management systems according to ISO 9001,
  • Certification of environmental management systems according to ISO 14001,
  • Certification of occupational health and safety management systems according to OHSAS 18001
  • External audits ,
  • Management system and audit trainings

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  • initial inspections and continuous surveillances of the factory production control pursuant to the Act No. 133/2013 coll on Construction Products or according to harmonised European standards,
  • audits of the factory production control based on the orders submitted by the manufacturers of construction products.


  • tests of physical and mechanical characteristics of the construction materials and products:
    • large-sized board materials made of wood and lignocellulose (plywood, blockboards, glued large-sized panels, particleboards, fibreboards, veneers and piedroit) and sawn timber;
    • pallets EUR and theirs fasteners, corner connections of windows and doors, metal profiles for windows and doors (cohesion test PTM);
    • wooden and rubber floorings
  • tests of physical, and mechanical characteristics of the construction products:
    • opening fillings of the construction (windows, roof windows, skylights, doors, doorframes, power operated doors, industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates) of all material compositions
    • elements for prefabricated buildings of wood and other lightweight materials (glued laminated products, e.g. beams and prefabricated structural members assembled with metal fasteners, e.g. trusses for use in buildings);
    • building hardware for doors and windows (locks, latches, hinges, handles);
    • mechanical fasteners for wood;
    • wood sleepers, wood poles, timber stairs;
    • doors, windows and grilles with burglar resistance
    • wood preservatives, flame retardants
    • adhesives and sealants (urea-formaldehyde, phenolic, rubber and plastic solvent-based, hot melt, epoxy, PVAC dispersion and acrylate ...);
    • coating materials (water-borne and solvent-based paints and varnishes);
    • glued laminated profiles for windows and doors
  • tests of physico-chemical and mechanical characteristics of the chemical products
  • determination of Formaldehyde content and emission from large-sized materials and furniture,
  • assessment of surface treatment of the furniture and the products for construction and joinery,
  • creation, revision and harmonization of technical standards, consulting, expertise and information activities in the field of technical standardization
  • activities related to the surveillance of Slovak producers exporting wood products,
  • expertise of windows, doors, gates of all material compositions and other wooden products including furniture.